We are the Joyce family!

You asked. I delivered.

I’m Amanda Joyce, a 40 year old single homeschooling mom to a sibling group I adopted in February 2009. I’ll be using this platform to share with you our adventures. I’ll write about everything from adoption, homeschooling, being a single mom, teenagers, and our travel experiences, specifically the 10 month trip around the country in our RV that we have planned. I’ll review some of the campgrounds and activities along the way. If there’s something specific you would like me to cover, let me know.

I’ll start by giving you a short, general introduction to each of us. The kids are Vanessa (18), Rebecca (16), Julian (15), Joanna (13), Jazmine (12), and Allena (11). They were born in Oregon, were removed from their birth parents in 2006, and put into foster care. Once Allena was born, they were freed for adoption and we became a family in February 2009. They are great kids, no bias, I swear! They’re kind, generous, athletic, and adventurous. They love to camp and make friends everywhere they go. Because of a variety of learning disabilities, we choose to homeschool. We’ve been doing this for the past 7 years.

That’s us in a nut shell. Tune in tomorrow to hear about our RV, Ace.

*pic- the kids, 2019

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