The Maine Idea

For years I’ve wanted to go to Maine. Having never been, I finally took the plunge in September 2018. I was looking to make it an inexpensive vacation, or as close as I could get. My goals were to eat lobster and see a moose and if I said it once, I said it 100 times, I’m not leaving Maine until I see a moose.

To plan for the trip, I looked through Groupon and booked a hotel in Albany for the way up and the way back and a motel on the shore in Maine. I went with the best deal and it ended up being such an amazing little place! We got very lucky there. I also found a whale watching cruise out of Boston for a great deal on Groupon so I picked it up for the trip. I found a house to rent inland near Canada from Airbnb. I googled the best local places to eat lobster and I researched the heck out of where to find moose.

We left in the morning and drove to the Albany area to spend the day at Six Flags Great Escape Amusement Park. We could get in free with out Six Flags season passes. My family loves amusement parks and thrill rides. We spent the night in a hotel and drove up the coast the next morning.

The Maine shore was rough, there were storms in the Carolinas that were affecting the water. We did some hiking through salt water marshes, watched seals playing in the water, and went to a few different beaches. Most importantly, we ate lobster! Whole lobsters, lobster rolls, lobster everything, it was worth the trip!

After a few days of stuffing our faces with lobster and soaking in the beach at the shore, we headed to the more remote areas of Maine, more specifically, we headed to the spot with the highest number of moose car accidents. I figured if the cars are hitting them, they’re there! Our cabin on the water, Moosehead Lake, was amazing! Stunning views and the kids loved jumping off the dock to swim. The days were spent perusing little towns and swimming while our nights were reserved for stalking moose. We ended up seeing 6 moose! What magnificent creatures, so massive and clumsy looking, yet stealth and elusive. We even got to see a baby moose, it was a once in a lifetime experience; we were in awe.

We hated having to leave. It was made a little easier knowing that we were stopping to do the whale watching cruise on the way home. That was yet another awe inspiring event. If you’ve never done so, I highly recommend it. We saw humpback whales, including a baby with her momma, along with seals and dolphins and other species of whales. The wildlife was cooperating that day and we saw a bunch of stuff that the guides described as rare, like seeing multiple full breaches.

We spent that night in Albany to do the Six Flags Amusement Park the next morning one more time. This time, we met friends there who were coincidentally on their way home from the Adirondacks and stopped to do the amusement park on their way home as well.

Although we’ve done some amazing family vacations, some extravagant and expensive like the cruise or Disney World, we all agreed that this Groupon supported road trip vacation was one of our best yet. We all give it two thumbs up, 5 stars, an A+.

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*pic- a humpback whale from the whale watching cruise out of Massachusetts, Sept 2018

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