We made it!

Although we left a day late, we’re on the road and officially doing this! Over the past year I bought my motorhome (Ace), planned out where to stay and what to do in each location, planned out laundry for the next 10 months, researched laws in each state in regards to things like state gun laws and RV speed limits or requirements (for example some states require flares on board, others require reflective road triangles), packed up everything we own, bought a tow dolly, bought a second tow dolly when I didn’t trust the first one, loaded up Ace, rented out my house, and hit the road.

This is our first time in a campground with Ace. It’s a learning curve. For example, the black tank. For non-RVers, the fresh water tank supplies water, the grey tank is shower and sink water, the black tank is toilet. Or so I thought. My fresh tank water smelled bad so I decided to empty it. I ran the bathroom sink, keeping an eye on the grey tank levels. It never changed. Turns out that my bathroom sink empties into the black tank. What this means is that if one were to keep running the water, the black tank will get full. It will back up into the sink and the toilet. Then when one tries to flush the toilet, it would potentially blow up onto said person.

Now I know.

Another example of “THAT will never happen again” was when hooking up the sewer. Julian learned the hard way that one vital part of emptying the black tank is making sure the connection between the RV and the hose is a good one. Otherwise, when you pull the lever to empty the tank, it explodes everywhere and the stench is exactly what you might expect.

Those details figured out, we had an awesome day yesterday. It felt great to unwind, spend quality time together, and decompress. We took literally thousands of pictures and videos at the beach, creating art out of sand, drift wood, and people and capturing it all at every angle in photos.

Presque Isle has a reputation for gorgeous sun sets and it did not disappoint! Absolutely beautiful! And I couldn’t have asked for better people to be here with.

Keep checking back to follow the rest of our journey! Leave a comment, ask questions, and keep coming back for more!

Pic- the kids at the beach watching the sunset

3 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. Yeah!!!! I knew you’d get started. So glad for your awesome day! Looking forward to all of your adventures ( and now the black tank/sewer connection stuff will be routine).

    Looking forward to the rest of your trip.


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  2. We are so excited to see all of your adventures!! I’m sorry you had some burps but looks like you have it all figured out. Safe travels 😘😘

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