Presque Isle, PA

Presque Isle was our first official outing with Ace and the first stop in our journey. It’s a state park in Erie, Pennsylvania, on a peninsula with 11 beaches and lots of trails through the marshes, woods, and sand dunes. It’s known for it’s prime kayaking and for the awesome sun sets. We didn’t kayak this time around, but we did catch some sun sets on the beach. Really stunning.

There isn’t over night camping in the park, but there is a campground right before the entrance, Sara’s Campground. It’s a large place packed full to the brim. This isn’t a place with privacy and nature, it’s a property on which they crammed as many sites as possible. It’s not our usual, but we didn’t end up minding and got to know our neighbors. The people working here are super nice and helpful when needed. It’s a perfect location and I would stay here again if visiting Presque Isle in the future.

It was here that we worked out the kinks, got everything settled, and started our new routines. Everyone has a daily chore like sweeping, dishes, garbage, and hooking up the electric and sewer connections. We’ve all slept like rocks here and are comfortable in our new home.

Next to the campground is Tom Ridge Environmental Center. It’s a natural history science museum all about Presque Isle. It is highly interesting and educational for both adults and children. There’s a lot to do and see inside, including climbing a tower for a view above the trees. (There is an elevator for those looking for a view without the stairs.) The building has some interesting “green” features to reduce its carbon footprint such as using rain water for flushing toilets.

Across the street from the center is Waldameer Amusement Park and Water World. It’s an amusement park and water park. For my local Rochester friends, it’s comparable to SeaBreeze, many of the same rides. It’s a great park and I would recommend a visit if you’re in the area.

Thanks for joining us on our journey. Leave a comment, ask a question, and come back again for more!

*pic- the kids taking a group selfie at the top of the Tom Ridge Environmental Center


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