So much San Francisco!

I think I could spend 6 months exploring San Francisco. There’s so much to do and see. We spent the week exploring the city from sun up, if we were lucky to sleep that long, until sun down, and then some, yet I feel like we just scratched the surface. My last post covered our first couple days, so this one will just be the rest of what we did.

We visited some of the many museums the city has to offer. We went to the Exploratorium, California Academy of Sciences, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, the Cable Car Museum, and the Walt Disney Family Museum. The Exploratorium could easily be an all day event for kids or adults. It’s hands on science experiments, very educational, and lots of fun. We didn’t get enough time there because they insisted on closing at 5, but if they would have stayed open longer, we would have spent all night there. It’s more for the 10 and up crowd in my opinion. California Academy of Sciences, one of my favorites, is just as good for the younger kids because there’s a lot of observation verses the “doing” at the Exploratorium. They have a rainforest to walk through, aquariums, and other very cool exhibits. The Walt Disney Family Museum was better than any of us expected, we walked in thinking it might be geared toward little kids, it wasn’t. It was fascinating and also educational. Rebecca said it was the best museum she’s ever been to and I have to agree that it was really one of the best. Madame Tussaud’s was one that the kids were very much looking forward to thinking it was a wax museum to take pictures of and see in display cases. It ended up being even better than they imagined in the way that it was interactive and hands on. It was extremely well done and an impressive place. They all loved it.

Does reading about museums make you hungry? We ate plenty of local food in San Francisco. We tried the clam chowder in a San Francisco original sourdough bread bowl on Pier 39 right down the street from the Boudin factory. We ate at In & Out Burger, which got mixed reviews. Some of us loved the burger and the sauce they put on it others didn’t, none of us were into the fries. We had a picnic in Alamo Square across from the Painted Ladies on Postcard Row, right where the Tanners had their picnic in the opening credits to Full House. And of course we went to Ghirardelli for some of their world famous ice cream sundaes and chocolate. You haven’t had hot fudge until you’ve had Ghirardelli’s.

Although we aren’t huge baseball fans, we toured the San Francisco Giants’ MLB stadium. Allena found it “boring” while the rest of us enjoyed it. We got to sit in the press box and a $6,000 a game suite. We saw the locker rooms, the indoor batting rooms, the ins and outs of the backstage workings, and we got to go on the field. It’s the first MLB stadium I’ve been to and, even not being hugely into baseball, it was awesome. We happened to be there the day after the 30th anniversary of the big earthquake of 1989, a big deal here in San Francisco, and they have a locked room in the basement, referred to as “the vault” by staff, dedicated to memorabilia from that day.

I want to add one more quick thing we did in San Francisco because it was a huge hit with all 7 of us. It’s called the San Francisco Dungeon. It’s over an hour long “tour” through some of the history of the area. Highly entertaining, educational, fun, funny, and scary in a startling kind of way. I believe it’s priced at $33 a person, but there are always discounts available and it’s included on city entertainment passes.

Check back soon to see more of the kids’ YouTube videos and to hear our reviews on Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and California’s Great America, two amusement parks in the San Francisco area.

*pic- Oracle Park, home of the San Francisco Giants

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