My Thanksgiving Top 5

First I need to say, without the weather cooling off, Thanksgiving snuck up on me. We went swimming today, I am writing this the week before Thanksgiving from San Diego in 92° weather. That’s not my usual November activity in Rochester, NY, where they have snow on the ground right now.

I have so much for which to be thankful, but here are a few of the things I appreciate most in my life.

1- I am thankful for my kids. I adopted kids with a history of abuse, neglect, and trauma without meeting them first. Not meeting them and doing visits ahead of time was against the advice of everyone with whom I came in contact. Adoption doesn’t always go as smoothly as planned and I’m thankful that God connected me with these particular babies. They came to me with a whole alphabet of diagnoses and ended up being the best kids a Mama could ask for. They’re human, they have scars and a past, but their hearts are pure. I admire the people they are and strive to be more like them in a lot of ways.

2- I am thankful for my health and the health of my kids. It’s easy to take health for granted but one of the biggest factors in quality of life. We have been very blessed not to have any major health hurdles to overcome.

3- I am thankful for the ability and opportunity to homeschool my kids and take them on this adventure. There are a hundred reasons many people aren’t able to do something like this and somehow the stars aligned for me. I consider myself extremely fortunate. I’m not only grateful because I love traveling and this is my own personal dream trip, but I’m ecstatic that I can do this for my kids; it’s such a rare experience for people their ages and I’m so, so happy to be able to give them the gift of traveling all over. This country is a great classroom!

4- I am thankful for my friends. I have such an amazing support system of people who care. I went through a rough couple of years that most people don’t know about, even my friends. I was in an extremely abusive marriage and didn’t believe in divorce. I felt like once you make the commitment, you abide by that. He ended up leaving me for a 20 year old girl and took all of our life savings. I went through a depression and was barely functioning. Many people in my life, both friends and most of my family, took that lack of functioning personally and abandoned ship. The people who stayed by me and saw me through to the other side mean so much to me. The life I’ve led on this side of that, has more than made up for the Hell I lived for 12 years and I have a very deep appreciation for my friends and family who are in my life. I’m also thankful for my newer friends, like the awesome folks on the RV forum and people I’ve met along our journey.

5- I’m thankful for love. I believed for a very long time that there was something inside me preventing me from ever being able to feel in a way that I knew healthy people felt about others. It’s hard to explain, especially in a short blog post, but after 2004, I was pretty sure I just got dealt a bad hand in life and I was determined to make the most of it. I don’t believe that anymore. I think I was given some tough lessons and a whole lot of pain to earn what I have now and I’m thankful for knowing I can actually love and trust. Being emotionally healthy and having hope for the future, whether in a relationship or single, is something I’ll never take for granted.

If you thought I got through any of those with dry eyes, you’re way off! Thank for reading, I appreciate you all and I hope you have a day full of feeling grateful and realizing just how much you really have. Happy Thanksgiving!

*pic- Thanksgiving in Vegas!

5 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving Top 5

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to your family!

    While you are in Las Vegas, take an hour-and-a-half drive northeast and visit Valley of Fire State Park. It is a first-come first-served campground with incredible views of red mountains and some wandering big horn sheep! Best to not try to get a spot there on a Friday or Saturday, however. Best part of the place, however, are all the ancient American pictographs. There are some near the campground, but the best are the thousand or so a long the Mouse’s Tank walk. Kids will love trying to figure out what the images might mean. Tip – Lots of dancers!

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    1. Happy Thanksgiving Judy! The red stripes in the mountains are gorgeous! They were all visible when we arrived but now are coverer in snow. We don’t have snow, but it’s all around in the mountains, which is so beautiful to see.


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