Rants and Raves

Rant- Pahrump police. I have a high respect for police. But not for Officer Rivera. I was driving on a road in Pahrump, Nevada. I’m from New York, with New York license plates, clearly not from the area. I left our RV park the first morning, heading into Las Vegas for the day. I didn’t know the speed limit but could see the sign up ahead that said Speed Limit 45. So I went 45. I was in the right lane. A highway patrol officer was in the left lane behind a line of cars. I passed him. The second my bumper passed his, his lights flashed and I pulled over. This happened in a matter of seconds. By this time, I had passed the Speed Limit 45 sign. He was appalled that “I” would pass “him” an almighty highway patrol officer and wanted to know what on earth I was thinking. I told him the speed limit was 45 and I was going 45. When he could refocus from the shock that someone would have the gull to pass Him, he informed me that the speed limit was 35mph, not 45. I said, pointing to the sign now behind us, that the sign said 45. He said that the 45 didn’t start until the sign and I wasn’t past the sign yet when I started going 45. I wasn’t a danger to anyone. I wasn’t driving recklessly. I wasn’t ignoring the speed. I saw the sign and went that speed. And he gave me a ticket for going 45 in a 35 and a lecture on the nerve I must have to think I could pass Him. I got a ticket because of his ego, not because of my speed. And quite frankly, I’m ticked off about it. Now I have to pay $195 as punishment for not bowing down to the almighty greatness of Officer Rivera, the highway patrol officer that nobody should pass on the road.

Rave- Schaffer’s Auto Clinic in Monticello, Utah. The guys at Schaffer’s helped me out of a jam with a mangled tow dolly. I pulled in without an appointment and they did the job right then and there. They were the friendliest and kindest people. When the job was done, I asked how much I owed them, there were no parts, just labor, and the owner said no charge, that they were happy to help. They went above and beyond rehooking the tow dolly to the RV and even pulling the car up on it. Great guys and I highly recommend them to anyone in the area.

Rant- Sun Valley RV Resort in Sun Valley, Arizona outside of Petrified Forest National Park. “Resort” is pushing it. This place is essentially a gravel lot of a boarded up motel. The owner lives in the end unit of the boarded up motel. The electric poles are wobbly and ours threw a spark when we plugged into it. The pictures on the web site are not accurate and their advertising is not accurate. The owner, who was very friendly, claims to have just bought the place 4 months ago but has been singing that song for at least a year. There is one bathroom in the office with no lock on the door and no showers. It’s also right next to a busy highway so it sounds like trucks are going by you all night.

Rave- Mesa Verde National Park’s Illumination Night. This is a night in the park when they illuminate some of the ruins. They offer free hot chocolate, chili, and cookies in one of the lodges while traditional Native Americans entertain and educate. They played music and sang and it was really well done and very enjoyable for people of all ages. To top ot off, we all agreed that was probably the best chili we’ve ever eaten, and we’ve eaten a lot of chili!

*pic- one of the many amazing land formations we saw near Four Corners, where Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico meet.

6 thoughts on “Rants and Raves

    1. I’ll look into it. I have NO problem paying for a ticket if I were speeding, but IF I was over by 10, if was only for 100 feet from where I saw the sign. It really ticked me off, this guy was a pompous donkey.


      1. You should call a few ticket fixers. They have a great success rate, usually over 90% due to the fact that they screen the calls and only take the cases they know they can win. Yours sounds like an open and shut case. No cop wants to have to go before a judge and explain why they said it was wrong to pass him. There is no law about that. The cop probably won’t even show up, meaning you would win on that count alone. And after you are done be sure to post about it on the forum. Not a lot of people know about ticket fixers.

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  1. Hi Amanda, I’ve missed hearing from you this week, and I need to know you, kids, Ace and car are all okay!! Christmas only a few days away. I wish you ALL a wonderful holiday together!! I love you!!

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    1. Hi Aunt Iris, Ace is fixed, the car is good, and we’re doing great! We went a while in the middle of nowhere, aka Utah, without internet but we’re in Salt Lake City now. Have a merry Christmas, tell the girls merry Christmas too. I love you!


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