Seven down, three to go!

We have been on the road now for 7 months. Being in the final stretch is bittersweet; we don’t want to miss anything but we’re ready to see our friends again. We started out the month in the Tampa area. We traveled along the coast of Florida through Siesta Key Beach, through Everglades National Park, down to the end of the Florida Keys, through Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Melbourne, and Saint Augustine. We continued along the coast of Georgia going to Brunswick and Savannah and spending in a day in South Carolina’s Hilton Head before heading inland to Atlanta. We left Georgia and made our way into Tennessee to spend time in Nashville, where we are now.

In the past month, we drove 1,496 miles in Ace over the past month for a trip total of 14,208 miles. We drove just under 2,000 miles in the car over the past month for a trip total of just under 12,000 miles. Between driving Ace, the car, and running the generator, we’ve gone through 281 gallons of gas for the month, a trip total of 2,516 gallons, costing $605 for the month and a total of $7,104 for the trip so far.

This past month, Midnight got into the garbage and made himself sick enough for a vet visit in Atlanta while all the humans managed to keep themselves out of trouble. I celebrated another trip around the sun but decided to stop adding those years, so we’ll call me 29 if anyone asks. We got to see my dad and we had company stay with us for a week. Everyone is still happy and healthy and having a great time.

We stayed mostly on schedule in the month of February but did make some small adjustments to the schedule like taking an extra day to drive the east coast of Florida and stopping for a couple days in Brunswick. We took an extra day in Atlanta as well. We are currently right on schedule.

The next month brings us closer to the center of the country to see Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri.

*pic- you never know who you’ll run into in Florida

2 thoughts on “Seven down, three to go!

  1. I am not sure what your plans are in Kansas, however if you are around Hutchinson, make sure to check out the Cosmosphere space museum (world class space flight museum, with various American (Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo) and Russian space capsules on display, even a Titan II, and Mercury Redstone rockets standing outside (largest collection of Russian space flight hardware outside Russia). Also in Hutchinson is the Stratica Salt mine museum, where you descent 600 ft down an elevator shaft to tour the mined out portion of a salt mine, which is also used for document and film storage.

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