We are ok

Just a quick update to let you know that we are ok. We got the warnings on our phones at 12:45 saying a deadly tornado was in the area and to take shelter. It said homes will be destroyed and to get to a basement or a shelter immediately. I ignored it thinking it was a wide spread warning. The sirens were going off. I saw people getting out of there so I looked at a map to see where the confirmed “large deadly tornado” was and it was close to where we were, close being a 10 minute drive, but that’s close enough for me since I know little about tornados. All 6 kkds were awake and scared so we drove 20 minutes north, away from the tornado, and we’re hanging out in Walmart until the coast is clear.

It may very possibly be over reacting, but it was worth it just for the kids to feel safer and I figure better safe than sorry. So we’re ok and praying for those closer to the action than we are.

6 thoughts on “We are ok

  1. Well, now you have to follow up because I’m worried. Did the tornado actually happen? Are the cats okay? Is Ace? Be safe out there, Joyces! ❤️

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    1. We’re leaving today to head to Memphis! It’s so calm and peaceful now thay you would never know what a crazy night it was. Although it left behind plenty of water, everything is flooded.


  2. We have friends that live in Ardmore TN and you don’t mess with that stuff. They had had to go to a shelter a couple of times over the last couple of years. She also posted a picture from one of the TN News Outlets of the tornado over Nashville. I don’t think you overreacted at all especially as you said, this is unfamiliar for you. Ice Storm or Blizzard, you’ve got it. Tornado, yes get out!

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