Going for the bullseye

When I originally started planning this trip and had a rough draft outline of where I wanted to go, it didn’t include the central states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, or Iowa. My friends quickly convinced me that I HAD to see those places while I was out so I can say I’ve done the whole continental US. I added them in and I’ve done 2 of the 5.

Arkansas was determined not to be average; to make a name for itself and stand out even if that name is Bipolar Mother Nature. We left Memphis to drive to Little Rock. What would usually have been a 2 hour drive by car, took us 5 hours to drive. It was the first time in the 19,000 miles that I’ve driven the motorhome that I had to leave the expressway because of it being unsafe. The speed limit was 70 and I could barely hit 40mph because of the wind gusts pushing me out of my lane. Instead of the expressway, I drove the parallel highway along side it at my own pace. In the rain. All day. We made it to Arkansas’s capitol and let our nerves settle that night. The next day was beautiful! Covered in sun screen, we explored the city of Little Rock, which is just slightly smaller than our home city. It was hot and sunny all day, a perfect day for being outside next to the river. One of the most fun things we did there was cardboarding. It’s like sledding but without the snow and sleds and on pieces of cardboard instead. People, both children and adults, showed up all day pulling large pieces of cardboard from their cars and hitting the steep hills in the park as if it was made just for that purpose. The kids had a blast, they went down sitting and even standing like they would do on a snow board. It was the kind of day you never want to end, picture perfect. The next morning, our plan was to go see friends an hour away. I woke up to a storm complete with rain, thunder and lightening, hail, and wind gusts exceeding 40mph shaking us like a leaf. We waited to leave until the wind gusts subsided and then made our way west. As we drove, the skies went from black to blue and the sun made its way out again, shining like nothing ever happened. We had a great visit with great people, great food, and a great dog.

Our next state was Oklahoma, where we are now until we leave this morning for Kansas. The temperature was in the 90s on our drive here so we stopped before making it to Oklahoma City at an RV park that had a pool. It was about a 10 mile off the road detour. We parked, got set up, and saw the pool was empty. Bummer. We hung out in the AC and played for the day. The next morning we left for Oklahoma City in rain and 55 degrees. We wanted to go to Six Flags in Oklahoma, the St. Patrick’s Day parade, and to the Oklahoma City Zoo, but all Six Flags are closed due to the corona virus outbreak and so is the zoo and the parade was cancelled. Instead we went to the Oklahoma City National Memorial at the site of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, the Gaylord Pickins Museum & Oklahoma Hall of Fame (where we were the only people there), a cowboy museum, and Bricktown which is their downtown entertainment district of bars, restaurants, shopping, and a riverwalk along a canal. We ate at the very yummy Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. I’m not sure if it was the cold weather or the corona virus scare, but the city was empty. It was eerie, like a ghost town.

*pic- the bridges over the Arkansas River were all lit up and would change colors on the hour. It was a beautiful thing to see with Little Rock all lit up across the river as well.






6 thoughts on “Going for the bullseye

  1. I live in Branson, MO (and just sat up camper again for workkamping!). For two of the last 4 years I lived near Little Rock. If you’re ever near Maumelle Park, I’d recommend camping there by the Arkansas River. Walking the Two Rivers Bridge was a joy. It’s a surprisingly fun city! And you’re not far from my “neck of the woods”. Come visit Branson sometime if you can! Arkansas is full of beauty and anywhere along the Buffalo River is unbelievable hiking and outdoor activities. God Speed! And PS~~traveling I-40~you’re a Wonder Woman!

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  2. I commend you for making the right decision. I know it was not an easy decision to make but it was the only one you could make. Trust me, you have seen the best part of the country and the states you have left are not exactly the best ones. So you are missing nothing.

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