Bullseye Ghost Towns

Our circle around America’s center has been relatively uneventful. By the time we hit Wichita, people were scarce and everything was closed. So our visits to Wichita Kansas, Kansas City Missouri, Omaha Nebraska, Des Moines Iowa, and St Louis Missouri, were all fairly similar: we drove around the cities, we walked the empty streets, we stood outside buildings and landmarks taking pictures, we walked along rivers and through parks, we ordered take out.

I thought Omaha was a beautiful city. I loved the Old City entertainment district with bars, restaurants, and shops all set in old brick buildings that brought history into the modern. They also had sculptures of bison and scenes of families in covered wagons exploring the area for the first time over 100 years ago. It was really a neat way to keep history alive.

Iowa. Well, I’m sure there are lovely areas and things people love about it, but it wasn’t my thing. It will probably be my last time there. And their roads are as bad as Arizona’s and Louisiana’s.

I wish I had more to report. COVID-19 has really done a number on this world. It’s touched us socially, economically, educationally, and every other possible way. Businesses are closed. Churches are closed. People aren’t working. People aren’t getting paid. People are isolated. I worry about people’s mental health as much as their physical health. Consider giving people a quick text, phone call, e-mail, or even a letter. Let them know they’re being thought about.

On that note, RV parks are some of those closed businesses. Many of them are allowing people who are already there to continue their stay or are accepting seasonal rentals, but are not accepting overnighters. That’s left us having a hard time finding places to stay. So as much as it disappoints me to have to do this, we are cutting this journey short. Our original plan of going up the east coast from Myrtle Beach to New Jersey is now going to be just going from Louisville to New York, home. We should be home in about a week.

I’ll probably continue to occasionally blog about things close to my heart like adoption, raising kids, homeschooling, being a single mom, and more travel. It won’t be as often, so please subscribe to be alerted to new posts. And as always, if there’s a specific topic you would like covered, let me know!

*pic- Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, behind an old cathedral

15 thoughts on “Bullseye Ghost Towns

  1. Been thinking about you and the kids….A LOT….and, as tough a decision as this must have been for you to cut trip short, I’m glad you’re on your way home. Certainly not knowing where to overnight with Ace a major challenge!! Be safe Joyce family!! I love you!!

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      1. I should have ask if you would be coming through the Mammoth Cave area. The good stuff is closed around here but if you need a place to stay we can find something.

        Have really enjoyed your trip and wish it could have gone on as planned – like everyone else would for their own lives too.


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  2. We thought of you all as we saw things closing. Sorry your trip got cut short. Glad you had this amazing journey. It sounds like a lot of laughing and learning happened. Safe home to you all. When things settle you’ll just have to start planning the next one….

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    1. I would LOVE a round two! I think the kids would kill me lol, but ideally in a class C, just myself and a second person, with kayaks, going to state parks across the country. That would be amazing!


  3. I would like to subscribe, but don’t see a way to do that. – Oh, just had to make a comment and choose’ Notify me of new posts via email’ LOL
    Thank you for allowing us to follow your journey these past months.

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  4. The good news is that most of the remaining places on your route can be done from New York easily another year. And I am sure everyone will be happy to be home with more space. You can plan a trip next year for places you had to skip this year. Judy

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    1. Absolutely! And most of those places we’ve already been as well. As much as it’s too bad, we had incredible luck getting in as much as we did. I’m very happy with it as a whole.


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