Julian on the radio!

When Julian came to me after turning 5, he could barely speak. He didn’t know shapes, colors, the alphabet. He had a long list of one diagnosis after another. He started school and was held back. It was the beginning of his second year in second grade when I was told that a general education setting couldn’t meet his needs. I started homeschooling him after Christmas break that year.

He’s come a long way. He’s a man now in many ways. The little boy who hid his homework from me is now self driven and the first to tackle a problem he sees whether it’s fixing something at home (he changes light bulbs before anyone even mentions it) or on the car (he’ll get tools and figure it out while I sit there scratching my head) and doesn’t back away from a challenge.

Today, my little non verbal, smile and nod, sweet boy, did a live radio interview with Bob Lonsberry. For some kids, that’s cool. For Julian, I consider it an accomplishment, something “the experts” never would have predicted. So here he is talking about San Francisco with Bob Lonsberry.


*pic- the kids in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, which we also walked across, in San Francisco

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