When a pandemic is the least offender

As I’m sure many of you feel, I am appalled, disgusted, horrified over the state of America right now.

Saturday night, in my city alone, there were at least 13 people shot or stabbed. At least 53 businesses looted and/or set afire. People were beaten with baseball bats, 2x4s, and human fists. Police cars were flipped, destroyed, and set on fire during riots that took over the streets. Hundreds and hundreds of people turned out and basically declared war on our city and on our police department. Our fire departments were targeted as well. Fire trucks were being looted and attacked with fire fighters still in them.

We sat watching coverage of the same or worse happening all over America; Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Oakland, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Minneapolis, St. Paul, etc. Police, the very people who protect us and who should be the most highly respected, were taunted, attacked, injured, and in some cases, killed.

A week ago, we were so concerned over a viral pandemic that our businesses were ordered closed and people were being forced to wear masks. Gatherings with friends and family were prohibited. Churches weren’t allowed to open doors to worshipers. People lost their jobs in record numbers and businesses had to shut down unable to survive the closure.

This past week, people gathered by the hundreds and by the thousands to cause mayhem and destroy businesses, buildings, vehicles, and even people. In the blink of an eye, we went from world wide pandemic to our being attacked by the very citizens living here. And in many cities and states, it’s being allowed because the hands of police are tied by their governments. It’s gotten bad enough for many cities to have instituted a curfew.

Someone special to me turned 50 in March. The world closed down for a pandemic. The world finally opened up so I was throwing a surprise birthday party this past weekend at my house. There was a lot of planning put into it, hours and hours of decorating. Literally hundreds of dollars in food and drinks were bought. The animals who terrorized my city put such fear into people that nobody came to the party. Nobody. We were quarantined by our governments for a killer virus for months and as soon as the ropes are loosened, we’re attacked by domestic terrorists. What kind of world is this?

I fully expect that we will be invaded by aliens by September and we will see a zombie apocalypse by December. Remember, you heard it here first.

*pic- might as well give the kitchen a makeover while in quarantine. This pic is after the new backsplash but before the new counters.



3 thoughts on “When a pandemic is the least offender

    1. Thanks! You wouldn’t even recognize my house anymore! In the past 2 years, I’ve gotten a new roof, new windows, new counters, new blinds, new furniture, new paint etc etc


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