Reaching for the stars in 2022

I try to live my life to its fullest potential and setting goals is a great way to make sure life always stay in motion and progresses. I’m a big believer in reevaluating those goals at least yearly to see how things are going and if the goals need to be adjusted. Every year I write down some of my goals that I would like to accomplish in those next 12 months. Sometimes things happen like world wide pandemics, so there’s always some flexibility. Here are my personal, family, and business goals for 2022, assuming there isn’t a zombie uprising or we aren’t invaded by aliens. As we’ve learned, anything is possible.

As repetitive as it is, every year I announce my goal of getting down to my birth weight. I figure if I did it once, there’s no reason not to do it again. I failed to accomplish that in 2021, I blame COVID-19 so I don’t need to take responsibility for that. I’ve made healthier choices in 2021, but I need to up my game and get back on the horse. I would love to lose 20 pounds, but for the sake of attainability, I’ll set my personal goal at losing 10 pounds for this year.

I have goals for my home too. This year I want to replace my 99 year old windows, install a kitchen ceiling, and finish the back yard.

As for my restaurant, James Brown’s, I feel like we make progress on a daily basis, but it’s a never ending baby in need. In 2022, I plan to get the expansion open to the public and prepare the outside space to be ready for outdoor dining and entertainment. This involves setting a up a new cook line, hauling away lots of scrap and trash, installing heat in the back, and finishing up projects that have in been “in the works” for the past year.

I wouldn’t be Amanda without a travel goal. 2020 and 2021 both stopped us from going to Ausable Chasm due to covid. So I will, yet again, add that to my to do list. My travel goals used to get more attention, but having a restaurant has taken over that aspect of life for a while.

I won’t call them goals because I can’t work on them, but my hopes for my kids (and for you all) is to have a genuinely happy and healthy 2022 full of opportunities to learn and grow. 5 of my kids are doing great and are happy, healthy, prosperous, and giving life their all. As those of you who know me know, one has spent 2021 struggling and unhappy and seems to be digging her hole deeper and deeper. Hopefully 2022 will be her year to get back on track and get her life turned around.

Happy New Year friends!

*pic- Jazmine’s painting on the wall at James Brown’s


One thought on “Reaching for the stars in 2022

  1. Wish you all the best in 2022! Look forward to hearing that you have attained your goals. Hope you can resume your travels and they can include Mammoth Cave. Getting to meet you is much more of a possibility than us traveling to New York. Miss you on the RV Forum.

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