Spike strips

Sometimes it feels as though spike strips are laid across my life’s road; as if God sees things going too smoothly, calls over all the angels, points down to me and says through the giggles, “watch this!”

In this past month, the doctor found pre-cancerous cells in me that need to be removed as soon as we return home, I had another “possible cancer” scare in a whole other area that turned out to be nothing too serious, I had chicken pox, and then my cat bit me, causing muscle trauma and an infection requiring antibiotics. But as the universe throws down spike strips across Life Rd, I glide right over them with my unstoppable wheels.

One thing I’ve learned in life is that things will happen regardless of your best laid plans. For the most part, person’s attitude determines their happiness, not their circumstances. Obviously there extreme cases of bad things happening to people outside of their control, but generally speaking, someone can take their circumstances and make the most out of it or choose to focus on the negative.

Dealing with the spike strips is a good reminder to myself that I am capable. I can live my life safely, risk free, in my house in Rochester with my kids. I can stay close to the people, places, and things with which I’m comfortable. But that’s not me. That’s not living my life the best way I know how. I can get chicken pox at home or I can get chicken pox at a rodeo in Cody, Wyoming. I can get bit by my cat at home or I can get a splinter hugging a giant sequoia for a picture in California. I’m capable of handling whatever comes up. It might be scary and unpredictable and take up time, money, and energy I’m not wanting to give, but I can do it. I’m prepared. I have a car to get help if something goes wrong with the motorhome. I have meds and first aid kits on board. I have planned and researched and prepared as much as possible. So here goes nothing!

Pray for me, send me good vibes, do whatever you do. Let’s hope for a smooth ride and as few obstacles as possible. Let’s hope for strength and patience when those obstacles do present themselves. Let’s hope for low anxiety and peace on our journey. Follow me here to see how well I’m doing with that. And while you’re here, comment, tell me what you want to hear, and ask questions.

*pic- the kids and their friends climbing a waterfall near our camper during our Last Hoorah Shindig this past weekend

4 thoughts on “Spike strips

  1. You are a rockstar!!!
    Iā€™m sure you will have a wonderful time.
    And Iā€™m POSITIVE that you will all come home safe.
    To me.
    The one you left behind.

    Liked by 1 person

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