We had a little hiccup in our plans. I had all our last minute stuff to do and was hoping I would finish everything in time when yesterday threw a curve ball. I didn’t get a single thing done on my to-do list so I’m at least a day behind. The goal is to work a miracle and still leave today, but there’s a possibility we’re leaving tomorrow instead. I’ll keep y’all updated.

6 thoughts on “Hiccup

  1. Stay flexible in your plans, Amanda. Your schedule is only a guideline. Don’t treat it as set in stone or you’ll go crazy!

    When my dad retired 30 years ago, he bought a truck and 5th wheel and planned out a 3 month circle tour around the US. When the unavoidable hiccups came up and they fell behind the schedule, he just pushed harder to catch up instead of revising the plan. My mom wound up flying home a month early and my dad finished the trip solo.

    Go with the flow, don’t be afraid to revise the schedule if needed. In my dad’s case, they had no reason to be back at any particular time (I was housesitting for them), it was just his pride that kept him from admitting his initial planning was too optimistic.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more! I’ve even told the kids, the itinerary is just a list of places we hope to get to, but nothing is promised. We may need to skip destinations or move things around. It’s not a matter of IF things come up, it’s more a matter of WHEN and whether that’ll be convenient timing for us or not. (Probably not lol)


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