Fun in Florida!

As sad as we were to leave Louisiana, we headed to Gulf Port, Mississippi for one night. It’s a beautiful drive along the coast with beaches, little shore towns, and of course impressive beach houses lining the road. We stopped at the longest man made beach in the world. We were the only people there. While in Gulfport, we went to Island View Casino for some more southern food. The kids ate muffalettas, I had to sit out on that one because I’m allergic to olives, but I did aid in devouring beignets.

From Mississippi, we headed into Mobile, Alabama, also just for one night and not long enough to have experienced anything of value, but long enough to drive around and take a look. The outskirts seemed like poor, unsafe areas while downtown seemed like a great tourist destination with their old brick roads and gaslight lamps along the street.

Our next stop was Mexico Beach, Florida, again for one night, before heading to Dade City near Tampa. We didn’t waste any time getting right to the fun. After dropping Vanessa off to the airport for an orthodontist appointment in Rochester, we headed right for a beach. Allena’s been waiting to go to a beach in Florida, so that was stop number one. We walked the Tampa Riverwalk and ate dinner at a restaurant on the path before going to Bayshore Blvd, a road along the Hillsborough River with America’s longest continuous sidewalk on one side and stunning mansions on the other. We spent Allena’s 12th birthday at Busch Gardens, which was an absolute blast. They have great roller coasters along with animals and shows. Allena was mesmerized by an ice skating show at the end of the day. Vanessa rejoined us and we went to Gatorland in Orlando, took a much needed down day, went out to dinner with friends at an RV themed restaurant called Exit 10, and had our own little Superbowl party, just the 7 of us, in Ace.

Speaking of the Superbowl, I learn something new every day. I chose this RV park because they advertise that they have cable. They don’t.  (They also advertise having bathrooms and showers, they don’t.) The man at the office said we should be able to get TV over the antenna and said we needed to turn on the booster, explained that it’s a button, probably next to an electrical outlet, with an LED light next to it. I went back to Ace, found the button right away, and got over 40 channels! I never knew the button existed, so we probably could have had TV these past 6 months. Now I know lol, maybe someday I’ll learn how to open the trunk of my car from the outside handle.

*pic- at Busch Gardens

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