Will work for food

When I decided I wanted a family, I adopted a sibling group of 6 kids.

When I needed a vacation, I bought an RV and planned a 10 month trip around the country.

I need a job. So naturally, I bought a restaurant.

I’m still working on moderation.

My new business is a local diner in Rochester within walking distance to my house. It’s currently called James Brown’s Place, named for the man who started it all. He’s a local legend and a neighborhood celebrity. The minute I heard he was selling, I knew I had to have it. I will keep the atmosphere, the menu, and hopefully, the customers. I have plans to expand it, adding another room in the back and adding outdoor seating all by next summer. I have big plans for the room in the back, but I’ll reveal those at a later date.

My oldest daughter, Vanessa, who finished high school this year, will share in the ownership and learn every aspect of running a diner and maybe some of her siblings will follow in her foot steps when the time comes for them to live their own lives. All the kids will work there and learn as much as I can teach them about it. It’s something that we’re all super excited to do.

You’re probably wondering about my restaurant experience. I was a waitress for one about hundred years ago and I’ve eaten at a variety of them. I’m approaching this the same way I approached coaching soccer; I knew nothing about the game going into it. My team lost the first game of the season by about 30-0. We won every single game after that. I may not know soccer, but I know how to spot what’s not working and make it successful. For my diner, I’ll probably make mistakes. I’ve read books, I’ve researched the heck of running a small business, and I soak up every bit of advice thrown my way. My game plan is to do it, and if something doesn’t work, fix it.





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