Keep on keepin’ on

Happy July everyone! We’re over halfway through the year and I figured it’s about time for an update. My last post gave my 2022 goals; this is my progress report and a general update on what’s going on in the world of the Joyce family. I toned down my ongoing life goal of getting back down to my birth weight and settled on 10 pounds being satisfactory for this year. I have about 14 left to go on that. Meh, you win some and you lose some! (In my case, I lose meeting the goal, but I don’t lose the weight!) I haven’t even begun to meet my house goals, they’re always on my mind, but they’ve been my last priority. I guess a mid-year check in is a good reminder to get working on those. My restaurant goals have been where most of my focus has been. The heat was installed in the new building into which we expanded, and we opened it up to the public. Now our customers use a big, bright, beautiful bathroom on the first floor instead of having to venture into the dark dungeon of a basement bathroom. It’s such a huge improvement. We got new grills, new refrigeration, new booths and tables, and some other new equipment. We just got the go-ahead from the city and the fire marshal to begin the construction on the hood. Once that is in, we can open the second kitchen and begin to do Friday night fish fries and Saturday BBQs. My travel goal of getting to Ausable Chasm this year has been shifted to next year, we have our family vacation planned instead for Rhode Island and Boston. We even have tickets to the Yankees/ Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Although I’ve been all over Texas, Dallas is on the list of places I’ve never been, so Mark and I are going there to catch a Cowboys game this fall as well.

The kids are doing very well, enjoying summer. Vanessa decided the diner wasn’t for her and is babysitting right now while she decides what path her life will take. She’s saving up to buy a car and then maybe eventually she’ll move into an apartment. Rebecca is still living with her boyfriend and his mom. She’s been jumping around to different jobs but currently works at Starbucks. Although life is still a struggle for her, she’s doing a little better than she was at the start of the year. Julian has some big news in the works, we started a business together, but I’ll wait to announce the details on it until the deal we’re working on is set in stone. So he’s doing great; he’s happy, healthy, and living life to its fullest. Joanna, Jazmine, and Allena are working at the diner and are active in youth group. They’re typical teenage girls, the highlights of their summer are swimming, boating, boys, and shopping. Joanna and Jazmine belong to an art group that they really enjoy as well. They’ve begun to think about their futures seeing how Julian is excited about his, so it’s fun to see the ideas they come up with for themselves.

I declared absolutely no more animals. That was swiftly followed by the kids bringing home a kitten. He’s just about the cutest thing you ever could see. We’ve named him Toby and he’s as sweet as sweet can be. He loves people and snuggled his way into all of our hearts. Now I mean it, no more animals! In sad news, we did have to put Midnight down earlier this year. He got sick and they believe he possibly had a brain aneurism or a clot or something, but whatever it was, it came quickly and it was fatal. He was only 3 years old but his 3 short years were the happiest a kitty could have. Instead of being “coyote food” like the rest of the kittens where he was born, he had a life full of cuddles, comfy beds, and always a full belly. He certainly was loved.

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